Idaho? No, you da ho!

Three years ago today, we woke up in Coeur d’Alene Idaho. I’m the fat guy on the right (haw haw you can’t see me because my layout sucks, and I’m too lazy to resize these pics.), and what you can’t see is that the pointer finger on my right hand is bleeding. It got smashed between my fat ass/chain from my wallet and the rock when I jumped up there. I guess that’ll teach me!

We drove across Idaho and entered the great state of Montana, We stopped at the $10,000 Silver Dollar Bar (I must have lost my google mojo because I couldn’t find an actual site for this place!) in Haugan. I had traveled to Montana (and beyond) many many times with my family, and we would always stop there, so I had to show it to my friends too. Brandon tried to count all of the silver dollars on the walls, but we didn’t have enough time for him to finish.

Kim and Brandon tried on new hats! I don’t remember what all we bought there, but I’m pretty sure I bought a hat or 2 and I think maybe Brandon bought a belt buckle. And I kind of remember him buying some trinkets for Kim. Oh, and Kim and I smashed some pennies!

We drove on and a while later we needed to pull over to replenish our in-cab supply of Red Bull and let Sadie pee.

We picked a great spot to stop! We literally just pulled off of the road and there was a trail that lead to a river’s edge. Here’s a dumb little video from there.

I took this picture while we were stopped there.

We found this there too!!

I wish we had “Kum & Go” on South Beach! I made Brandon exit the interstate or whatever main road we were on so we could stop and I could say I went to “Kum & Go”! I think I bought Red Bull and jerky.

Then we drove and drove and drove and outside of West Yellowstone we saw a couple Wolves in a field. They’re there if you know where to look. I swear!

We spent the night at West Yellowstone. It was slim pickens for places to eat after 9 PM and the womens were nowhere to be found. There was a busload of AZNS at the lodge we stayed at, but they didn’t seem to know much english. =(

With all the anticipation of spending the next day traveling through Yellowstone, it was kind of hard to sleep that night!
More pictures here!