Blog comment of the day!

This might be the best comment of the day because it’s the only one typed in a language I can read. Still, quality typing right here!

“you made me cream in my p.v.c motorcross suit wen i saw you do that double flip i fantisce about my wet pussy cat and ur anaconda inside my exhause pipe even saying TRAVIS pulsate thew me and maby u hearin my name will make u explode your load lke me.dont listen 2 that long winded freaky fat fan she will rape u with her choco fingers. right now im creamin over the 100 pictures of you travis. i want to lick my long tounge over your exhause pipe while u play with my headlight beemin upon you. OH TRAVIS OH TRAVIS IM THE LOCAL BIKE COME 4 A SPIN EVERY1 ELSE HAS.LOVE U ALWAYS TRAVIS OH BABY OH BABY.”

Adding to the hilarity, please not this recent search term!