AppleJack or how I almost shit myself

WOW! I almost made bears in my pants tonight because I thought I jacked up my computer (again)!
I was listening to Mac Break Weekly at work today and Merlin Mann of 43 Folders fame was talking about using AppleJack. I had seen AppleJack in my MUMenu a few times so I was somewhat familiar with it, but I had never bothered trying it. Well, tonight I was kind of bored and even though my computer had been running fine and even though there was a warning in big red letters on the page for AppleJack to NOT download it, I did anyways.
It installed fine and I booted into single user mode to try it out. Straight away my fans started blasting away, which was normal whenever I would boot into single user mode or when I would get a Kernel Panic. I didn’t really think anything of it. I tried AppleJack and it did its thing and then I booted my computer normally. I downloaded and installed AppleJack on my G3 too and I got the brilliant idea to see if my iMac G5 would run AppleJack much faster than my G3, so I booted both Macs into single user mode. Well, when I went to use AppleJack on my iMac I couldn’t type anything. I figured something happened to my BlueTooth connection for my keyboard (which sometimes happens) so I held down the power button until it shut down. I tried to boot into single user mode again, and that worked, but, again, I couldn’t type anything. I booted my iMac normally again, and that was when I noticed that my fans were still running at full blast. This was when the bears nearly started coming out of my butt! I was like, “Oh, great! Why am I not surprised?”
I shut my computer down again and let it set for a few seconds. I started it up and the fans were still blowing away. I was ready to zap my NVRAM and PRAM and I had thought about unplugging my computer for a bit if that didn’t work, but I decided to read the readme that came with AppleJack first. RIght there in the “Known Issues” section was this little gem:
Some users of G5 systems have reported that the fans ramp up very fast. This is not related to AppleJack, but is due to the fact that the thermal controllers are not loaded while in single user mode. If this condition persists after restarting into Mac OS X, you may have run into one of the many known fan-management bugs. See the support forums, or for help.
The fact that a solution wasn’t listed in the readme kept the bears marching towards the exit, but at least I knew I wasn’t alone in experiencing this problem. I headed to, did a search for “imac g5 fans” and found this. Apparently someone had nearly the exact same problem as me, and they did what I had planned on doing… They unplugged their iMac for a bit and after that their fans were back to their normal speed. I did the same and had similar success. The bears stopped trying to escape from my butt and now my iMac G5 is running as silently as it ever has. H00RAY!!