on the verge of being dirty t00 and still rippin’!

If I didn’t receive a birthday card from you in the mail today, you can deliver it to me personally tomorrow (Saturday). I don’t have any plans so I’ll probably just be hanging out. I am hoping there will be a parade down Washington like last year, but I can’t find any info about it on the CMB site.
I actually like late birthday cards more than cards that come early. Since my birthday is always on a no-mail holiday, I never get cards in the mail on my actual birth day. Cards that come early kind of suck because either you open them before your birthday, which is fine, I guess, but not usually my style, or you save them for the real day. Early birthday cards that you save for the actual day are real assholes though! They’re all tempting you and they’re like, “C’mon! OPEN ME!! I’m for you!! Someone probably wrote some nice things about you and maybe there’s money in me. Don’t you want to find out? C’mon!! Don’t try to kid yourself; you know you don’t have enough will power to wait until your birthday! Just open me right now! What are you waiting for??” and stuff like that.
Birthday cards that show up late are awesome! It’s like, your birthday comes and goes and you’re over it and then a couple days later you check your mail and HOLY MEAT! ANOTHER BIRTHDAY CARD!! H00RAY!!! and you get to celebrate a little more.

This year I received 5 cards in the mail from two aunts, one uncle, my parents, and my grandparents. I haven’t opened them yet. They’re taunting me as I type this. I’ll show them that I DO have enough will power to wait another 4 hours before I open them.
It looks like the most birthday love is coming from MySpace this year. Nearly two dozen happy birthday comments/messages to date.
We’ll see what happens tomorrow.