here we aren’t now… entertANUS

Sometimes when I’m at work I get moist with the anticipation of going home.
But then when I get home I’m bored and have trouble finding things to do.
Sometimes I feel like I need a zOMG SO FAST AND CUTTING EDGE computer.
But then I think about it seriously for a minute or two and I’m like… Ok, what can I do with a new computer that I can’t do with the computers I have now?
Well, for one… I could get Beryl to work which is really important because I really REALLY r1lly need burning menus and magical windows and Kiba Dock (I am so glad the Mac OS X dock doesn’t work like this! Do you know how much time I would spend bouncing icons around and not doing work!?)! I could MAYBE get it to work if I spent $100 on a new graphics card and another $100 or so on an additional gig of RAM for my PC. I just don’t think I can get a good enough graphics card because my PC only has a 4x AGP slot. Do I really want to spend that much money to upgrade a 3 year old machine just for wobbly windows and icons bouncing all over my screen? Probably not. I’ve seen videos of this stuff running on machines supposedly less than what Ihave, but I have never been able to get them to work. I can’t even get the desktop effects in Fedora Core 6 to work!
Tonight I came home and got bored. Again. I decided I wanted to get a MAMP stack running on my G3 again. Actually, I think I want to try out lighttpd. In looking to see what all I wanted to install I got sidetracked and ended up spending a few hours reading about rails. I had read all about it a long time ago before “ruby on rails” became a buzz phrase, but I have mostly ignored it in the past many months. A lot has changed since and I think I’m going to spend some time working with it. I think I’ll start with Memphisto blog. I think it might be the next big thing. I thought logahead was going to be a big thing, but it seems to be pretty much dead. I’m kind of bummed because I really liked it. I am still dying to get a photoblog up using OneReaction but Windows hosting with .net support is not cheap. At least not that I’ve found.
Wow, that’s a lot of nerdy stuff. This is how I entertain myself?