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Watching MX!

So, this might be pretty nerdy, but I’m fine with that. I am right now watching AMA Motocross from the Red Bud National in Buchanan Michigan, LIVE ON THE INNERNETS zOMGZ!!!
In detail (which is the nerdy part), I have the video playing in Windows Media Player via Windows XP on my iMac, thanks to Parallels. Then on my iMac’s 2nd monitor, I have the same video playing in Quicktime, but delayed a bit so I have an ad-hoc instant replay. I just have to move my head to the right a bit to see what I just saw again. The twist to this is that I’m actually not listening to audio that accompanies the video… I am instead listening to the live audio feed because I have a very non-gay boner for Jason Weigandt, (that was meant as a joke!) and, frankly, I feel that his announcing makes the racing a lot more exciting.
Finally, on my laptop, I am chatting with my buds (just make up a username… leave the password box empty), watching the lap times (I miss being able to color label the riders like I could with the Supercross timing thing), and looking at the track map and just getting annoyed by mototalk people, and extra frustrated that I can’t interact with them because I let my membership lapse and I don’t have $30 ear tagged for a renewal.
If watching MX on the net isn’t your cup of tea, you can watch the 2nd Motocross class moto at 6 PM on Speed!
So, that’s what I’m up to on this rainy first day of July. Come to think of it, this is pretty much how I spent 2 Sundays ago, too. And actually, I guess that if I’m going to paint a picture, I should tell the whole story (WHAT? I have no idea what I just typed!)… My MX Sunday actually started late Saturday night when I was trying to be asleep by midnight so I could wake up by 6 AM so I could watch FIM World Motocross via, but I ended up falling asleep somewhere around 3! I woke up at 5:50, on the couch, so I loaded the video stream from Sweeden on my iMac (in Windows) and tried to watch it from bed. A few laps into the 1st MX2 moto, I fell asleep. I woke up many laps later, and Josh Coppins was quite a ways back. I think this was the 2nd MX1 moto, but I really can’t remember. I kept waking up, watching a lap or 2, and then falling asleep again. I still don’t know who won the MX2 overall, but I plan on downloading and watching the motos again later tonight, or maybe tomorrow.

I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL I CAN WATCH EVERY AMA MOTOCROSS/SUPERCROSS RACE LIVE ON THE INTERNET!! Even if it’s only the 1st motos like now. It gives me enough of a mental image of whats going on that I can run the 2nd motos in my head. Especially with Jason’s excellent announcing.

P.S. In making this post I pretty much missed the first lites moto. Updating the blog was a bad choice.