another train wreck

I am watching local news coverage of the annual hydroplane races from Tri-Cities Washington, and, man, I had forgotten how bad it is there. Obviously they don’t have a very deep talent pool to pick from, but… gosh! Watching this news is a lot like listening to some podcasts. They’re so unprofessional/badly produced that you almost feel embarrassed for the people involved.
Anyways, I sure am glad that I get to watch what I’m watching. I just wish it was put together a little better. You can watch along too, but I’m not exactly sure how much they’re going to be showing online. I think they will be showing a lot of racing/practicing/qualifying on Saturday, and of course a full day of racing on Sunday.
Also, I don’t watch the local Miami news too often, so it could be just as bad, but not that I’ve seen.