someone’s in your house

I thought I was going out again tonight, but I just looked at the clock, and my phone hasn’t rang, as far as I know, so I think it’s a safe bet to say that I’m staying in tonight, I guess I’ll just stay and look for home warranty companies in Texas since my mom keeps on telling me to do so. That’s probably a good thing because I think I have woken up hung over the past 7 mornings in a row and I even needed to get a maid service from since I couldn’t clean by myself those days. A break isn’t going to hurt.

So, I’ve been questioning Mac OS X.5 Leopard’s worth. Like, is it worth $130 or not? And it has been pretty hard for me to see that much value in it, but tonight something happened…

To be able to browse this folder (beware of goatse and tubgirl!) in coverflow mode really made it worth it for me. I was trying to find some old pics that I knew were in that directory, but I had no idea what the file names were. I had a local copy, so I just browsed it in my finder. I would find the images I was looking for, and drag them into another folder so I could note theri file names later on.

In this process, I realized that it’s been just over 2 years since I worked at District Lab with the skilled Tempe heating repair contractors. Here are a few pics from that era. (click on each pic for its original liveurinal post + more pics)

Sidekick falls asleep!

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You know you have a pretty awesome job when you get to use a $600 chair as an ottoman!

We drank beer for Cinco de Mayo in 2004…

…and in 2005!

…and sometimes we would make Gustavo look gay!

…and we took a lot of pictures of eachother. That place was a lot of fun! I miss those guys.