christian got low low low low low (and still is)

…so there I am, trying to plan an exit strategey, when this pops up on my screen. I click the link and watch the video. Well, there’s a video in that video that I decided I might want to see, so I tried finding it. (if you have a URL for this video, please pass it on to me. I gave up rather quickly. oh hay I found it!!)
Instead, I found these gems!
First of all, I am happy this video exists! It’s not what I was after, but it kind of works for me! I might even be tempted to say I WOULD!!! but I’m not going to because for all I know, that’s a man, man.

Now we move into the area where I have to ask myself, “Am I going to go to jail for watching all 5+ minutes of this??” I hope not!

I really don’t get why people are willing to put videos like this on the net!

Ok, this one is kind of funny, in a mocking kind of way…

Of course, it only gets worse from there…

These are so incredibly WRONG!!
I must be getting old. =(