end of (4) days

So here’s something somewhat interesting… I seem to have caught a cold!
On South Beach!
At the start of July!!
Do I have AIDS or something? How in the Tori Anus(.com) am I going to get sick this time of year? retarded

Here is something even more unbelievable/ridiculous:

187,552 page views last month? WHY? I might not pay it any mind if I didn’t have anything to compare it to. But I do! How in the Tori Anus(.com) am I going to get more hits than a site like CriticalMiami.com? It doesn’t make sense. The only thing I can think of that might make this so is that I probably have a lot more content. And by content, I mean pictures and videos and stuff. I’m sure my index page gets about 90% fewer hits.
I am going to try to get up to 200,000 hits for the month of August (and maybe July). That means I’ll probably be posting a bunch of pics from the Daytona and Orlando Supercrosses, and the Washougal National, if I figure out a way to go. I wonder if it can be done. I’m SURE it can be done if a hurricane comes through, but that’s assuming I don’t lose power for too long.