It’s 10:29 AM and the phone has just been answered for the first time today. We (supposedly) open at 10 AM. There are 5 people up front that apparently are waiting for some sort of service. SUCKERS! Oh, and the UPS guy looks like he’s waiting for a signature. AND the fire inspector or whatever has been here since before I showed up, I guess waiting to talk to someone.
This place is so ridiculous! I like my job and everyone here, but this place could be so much more. And you’re probably wondering why I’m bitching about it and not answering the phone, signing for packages and whatever else needs to be done. Well, blame gets passed around here so much that I’m not willing to do anything other than what I’m told to do. It’s really not worth it. Think about it… My paycheck is going to be the same amount regardless… Why would I complicate my life with answering the phone and tending to other things when they will keep me from doing the things I am paid to do? Sure, helping people out might get them to be returning customers, but that just means more work for me to not have time to do because I’m busy answering the phone and helping customers.
I’m just going to stick to ignoring the people up front and the ringing phones, and do what I know I need to do.
HAHAHA!!! Just as I was about to post this someone up front said “HELLO? IS SOMEONE GOING TO HELP ME??”
I just ignored them.