I hope you like how my blog looks because I don’t. I miss my pink and green! As soon as I have some free time, am in the mood and HAVE MY iMac BACK!! I will get things back to looking how they should.
10 or so days ago I said I bought a 500 GB hard drive and I said I wished I could find a couple 120 GB drives. Well, some good and not so good things have happened since then.
First, there was an issue with my credit card I used to order the 500 GB drive. After a couple of days of talking with I ended up giving them a different number over the phone. The woman I spoke with said she would just cancel my old order and create a new one with new cc number. I thought all was well until today, when the drive showed up. IT WAS A SATA DRIVE!! I needed an IDE drive. So I called them up and said “HAY U STUPIT FHUKS SENDED ME TEH WRONG DRIVE!!11111” except it was a little more civil than that. The dude I talked to said I ordered a SATA drive and I didn’t really push the issue since he was going to give me an RMA and in house credit. But then I looked at the RMA and it said I needed to pay shipping to send the drive back, AND my credit didn’t cover shipping. So I’m thinking to myself… I paid $9 shipping to get the drive to me, and I’ll probably have to pay at least another $9 to send it back. PLUS another $9 to get the correct drive sent back to me? I DON’T THINK SO!!
So I called computer geeks back and explained the situation a little better and now I’m waiting for a new RMA that covers shipping the wrong drive back. And I got the seekrit kodez to get free shipping when I re-order the correct drive. That made me feel better. I was hoping for an type experience where I say “You sent the wrong thing!” and they say “srsly srry d00d! We’ve just sent the correct drive to you. You can send the wrong drive back to us whenever you feel like it and we’ll take care of that shipping.” but I’m not going to bitch too loudly about the thing with In the end, I guess I’m happy. It just means a week or 2 more with this crappy drive in my PC that keeps making my computer reboot thanks to FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGE. I so can’t wait until I don’t see that again.
Along the same good news – bad news – ok news lines of hard drives, I happened to be at Office Depot on Sunday, and I saw that they had 100 GB Maxtor drives for $29 after a $50 rebate. Now, I pretty much can’t ever deal with rebates, but small (relatively speaking) drives like that seem to be harder and harder to find, so I scooped one up. I was expecting the bits that I needed to mail in to be printed with my receipt, but all I got was a thing saying I can get $10 off my next purchase of $25 or more. I figured I could just find the rebate online once I got home. But when I got home I found out that the rebate had expired on the day before; on the 3rd. OH NOSE!!1 I hopped back on my bike and rode back to Office Depot. When I was there I took a look to make sure that I hadn’t made a mistake in reading the sign about the price. I had the right drive, but it too said that the rebate expired on the 3rd. I was a little bummed that I would have to keep looking for drives, but I was glad that I hadn’t opened up the drive that I bought. I decided to act a little facetious and asked a dude that was working there where I could find the rebate. He said it would be printed out with my receipt. I told him I just bought one of the drives and I didn’t get a rebate. He looked at the sign and made sure I had the right item and then did a little computer hacking and looked it up online. Then he said he would take care of it and just give it to me for the price with the rebate, but without the bother. So I bought a 2nd drive! The 2 drives at the reduced price were actually about $22 less than the single drive without the rebate. And to top it off, there were actually 120 GB drives in the boxes, instead of the 100 GB labeled. H00ray!!
On the down side, my iMac is STILL dead and I haven’t heard anything after several voice and emails. I should probably try calling Apple again right now. I am so over that computer!