Online with Bill Alexander

I wasn’t going to make a post about this because I didn’t think it was too big of a deal, but John asked about it, so I guess this is for him. Apparently Brandon stopped by Greater Yamaha to pick up his pipe.
So a while back I made this post and didn’t really think much of it. I guess it got some people a little upset. Well, it got me to listening to some TalkShoe shows, and I was mentioned a little after 1 hour and 46 minutes into Episode 87 of the Online with Bill Alexander NETIO show, and the post was talked about at 1:53:25, but I had no idea about that until the next night when I was listening to Episode 88 where I was mentioned again at about 31:34. I guess I was on verge of getting internet p0wnt. OH NOSE!!
And then nothing happened… …UNTIL…
This past Friday I called in to Bill’s show for the first time ever, mainly because I wanted to hear the show live and since I was away from my computer (in Daytona!), the only way I could hear it was by calling in.
Well, I got called upon and, naturally, that post came up. You can hear me in Episode 94, somewhere around 48:50 and I am muted at 1:05:45. Listen to it, but try to not fall asleep.
And I guess that’s about all have to say about that.