FFS people!!

Almost every job I do has a proof that needs to be approved of before it is printed. A while back I made a proof for someone, they approved it, and we printed their composites. A couple of weeks later they realized that the date of birth on the card was wrong (5-2-03) and they wanted it reprinted with the correct DOB of 5-1-01. This made some sense since their mistake made the kid 2 years younger than she actually was, which could sway a booking. We reprinted it at no charge. Well, today I got an email saying that they messed up the DOB again, only this time the DOB needed to be 5-02-01 instead of 5-01-01.
Um… OK? This needs to be printed for a 3rd time because the DOB is off by one day?? I DON’T THINK SO! If this were some important legal document or something it would make sense. But a comp card for a 6 year old? Give me a break!