FECK! I just had a whole bunch of stuff typed here about my new laptop, my busted knee and phone, but I accidentally hit the back button on my mouse and now it’s all gone.
I’m way too lazy to type it all out again so you get the nutshell edition! I’m an idiot for not saving often.

Tried to take a picture of construction finally happening at the 12th and Washington Starbucks today, but I just got snow on my screen and actually had to pull the battery to get it to function as a phone. My phone also stopped getting a working signal while I am at home a few weeks ago, and apparently this ailment has spread to work now too. In short, I am in dire need of a new phone. The problem is that the Apple phone doesn’t come out until sometime next month (oh hay it’s THIS month now!!) so I have to work with a mostly busted RAZR and wait for the iPhone, or take it and get a blackjack instead. I am very undecided on what to do.
Speaking of busted, have you seen my right knee lately? This knee has been giving me grief for 3 years now, and I have no idea why. As far as I know, I never injured it. I just remember waking up and being like “Oh hey, my knee is sore!” and it’s pretty much been that way ever since. Except sometimes it’s a lot more sore than usual. Like for the past week or 2! the dang thing swelled up and has been super sore/tender. Again, I have no idea why and I have no plan to find out why/treat the problem. I have faith that it will return to it’s usual lower level of pain sooner or later. It hasn’t been too much of an issue lately… I just try to stay off of it other than walking to work, which is super close. However, I am quickly running out of food so I might be having a lot of meals delivered if this thing doesn’t sort itself out in a hurry. A ride all the tori anus way to Publix at this point in time (and pain) is not sounding like such a great time. Maybe if they had a killer sale on ice cream or something it would be worth it. Otherwise, I’ll keep La Sandwicherie and Cheeseburger Baby on speed dial. Except… I have to limp outside to even make any calls! Hurry up with the iPhone already!! I’m getting hungry.

LOL SOUTH BEACH!! (or some beach)