It’s a Sledgehammer!

Andre’s kid, Aaron, is here from Denmark for the summer, and he brought a friend. I think they’re both 10 years old. I loaned them my GT Show and Gary Fisher Lush Rush Cruiser for them to ride while they’re here. The only problem (besides 4 flat tires) was that my cruiser’s rear wheel was severely out of true. Andre took it to Fritz’s today, and they said it had 7 broken spokes! OOOPS!! Is my ass that fat, or do I ride that hard? It’s getting fixed right now.

Introducing my next bike!

It’s a (Volume) Sledgehammer!!

It’s like a regular BMX cruiser, except it has 26″ wheels like on a mountain bike. I am currently saving some money so I can buy one ASAP. I can’t wait to take it off of some sweet jumps.

On a somewhat related note, call me right now to hear my totally awesome answer tone, and then call me again after 8 PM to hear a different one.
I think answer tones are pretty much the best thing ever to happen to cell phones.