Hello, does anyone own the copyright to an image of Castro that I could use on my awesome new website, (currently just forwarding to because I am lazy.)
Actually, I would like to have 2 pics… One where he looks healthy and one where he looks dead.
Here’s what I’m thinking… A simple web page that displays a picture of Fidel Castro… If he’s still alive, then the healthy pic shows up… If he’s dead, then you get the dead pic. Along with that, I’d like to have a Firefox extention much like the Terri Schiavo Status extension. I’d also want to have a Dashboard widget for Mac OS X and a widget for the Yahoo! Widget Engine.
Sounds reasonable, right? I wish I was smrt enough/not so lazy to actually pull it off.
Oh, I almost forgot… GOOGLE ADS so I can get rich and even more famous and retire on South Beach at the ripe old age of 32.
At that rate, I’d hope Castro NEVER dies so people will keep checking in to see if he’s alive.