email of the day

I really wish I could post this video I just received in an email, but I cherish my job and the wealth that I have too much to risk “legal actions” again. Believe it or not, I am able to learn from my mistakes (which is not actually saying I ever made a mistake).
Anyways, in today’s email of the day, I received a video clip of a model doing the most horrendous runway walk I have ever seen. And while the video content is not so great, that’s not what makes this the email of the day… What makes this the email of the day is… How in the ToriAnus(.com!) do they expect me to put a video on their comp card??

In other internets news, Brandon is in Indy for a trade show so be on the lookout for pictures from there. (2 are already posted)
I am only a little bit envious. I mean, I have video clips of models and he has snow.