train wreck

For some reason I am hooked on listening to train wreck podcasts. I don’t mean podcasts about train wrecks… I’m talking about podcasts that are produced so badly that I can’t stop listening.
For example, a train wreck podcast might go something like this… “Today we’re going to talk about Application X. Ok, has anyone used Application X? …*crickets*… Okay, well I haven’t tried it but Application X is supposed to do x, y and z.
Ok, next we’re going to talk about the new version of Application n. Have you guys tried the new version? …*crickets*… Ok, well I had the old version of Application n on my old computer, but my dad sold it at our yard sale last summer. I hear that the new version is really great…”
The best part was when I was listening to AAM #45 and 6 minutes into it you hear someone say (talking over the person speaking) “Yeah?” … Can I have a minute?” to someone in the background and then they come back and ask to come on the podcast later on because they have to go eat dinner. LOLZ!!
Man, I am so glad I live on my own and get to eat whatever I want, whenever I want. Being growns up(.com!) is awesome!

Here are some iTunes/web page links to a few examples:
*The Intarweb
*All About Mac
*The Keaton Cast!
*Ubuntu (this one is getting better)

YMI Podcasting is a great source for potential train wreck podcasts. I realize that most of them are done by kids, and frankly, no, I couldn’t do any better. But… That’s pretty much why I don’t have my own podcast.

P.S.: I’m not trying to hate! (and if you’re going to take my words that way, then at least spin it, improve your game, make awesome podcasts and make me look like an idiot. Please!)