thanks for the lulz, and LOL J/K about the terrorist thing!

You may have seen some of the comments I get on this dumb blog, and thought… “WTF?” Right? I mean, I know that’s what I think! Surely you know what I’m talking about. They’re typed in the terrorist language, and include an email address and/or a phone number where you’re supposed to contact someone for sex.
For a while I’ve been wondering who the mental giants are that keep posting these comments, and why they keep posting them to MY blog. (I mean, as far as I know, isn’t exactly a pussy magnet, is it?? If so, why aren’t my privates perpetually wet??) Tonight, this comment was posted, and it included a link! I clicked on it and got some lulz!!

I may not be the best person to offer macking advice; I’m not exactly throwing a bone every night, but I’ have this to say to sameh:
D00D!! If you stop telling people you have a “bug dick” (before they find out on their own), then you might actually get to put it to use! And then you can stop trolling for ladies at, OK?