Please step into my time machine

To celebrate Memorial Day weekend I thought I would post some 5 year old pictures of… Memorial Day Weekend!
1014 pictures from Memorial Day Weekend on South Beach!

I took all of these pics from in front of my building. (not counting the shots from the beach)

Whatchu know about THAT?

Yo, you saw that scooter birgade??

Naw, man… Where they at??

This girl was drunk as hell and fighting with her man. At least her titty was falling out!

Rims still be spinnin’!

Obviously, this Hummer wins the Most Tight Whip of Black Beach Weekend Award!

It’s “Snoopy Dogg Dogg”!

Here we have a perfect display of Lamborghini doors.

And here we have the exact opposite!!

…and I’m thinking… Man, let your friend use the mirror so she can see that she forgot to put a shirt on!! Dang!

This picture exists to prove to myself that I can take a relatively non-blurry pic with a relatively slow exposure.

TOO MUCH BOOTY IN THEM PANTS!! I mean shorts. Actually, that’s a pretty mediocre ass. Some of them were like “OH MY GOODNESS!!”


Push up on it, girl! Don’t be skerred! Dang!


Further down the block she was REALLY uncensored!

What you can’t tell from this picture is that the girl was totally hopping on the back of the bike. It was amazing! They were all doing it!

I’m really proud of this picture! I forgot my friend’s name, but he’s from Louisiana.


You want debauchery? How’s this for debauchery??

She’s putting her leg behind her head!

White people. Oh, wait… LOLesbianZ!!


Would you play Smear the Queer with this woman??

Huddle up, ladies!

Oh, hay! Your tittie fell out!!

Whatchu mean you don’t like the black guy in the thong???

Maybe you’ll like this white guy a little more!

Hey, at least he doesn’t have gold/chrome/platinum/diamond/blinging teef!!

This is how slammed the beach was on Sunday at about 3:30!

White people. Oh, wait… LOLesbianZ!!

White people. Oh, wait… LOLesbianZ!! (I WOULD!!!)

You talking to ME? Whatchu mean my shoe lace is untied?? I ain’t even got no shoe laces!

So wassup girl… You gonna give me the skins or what?

Getting digits!

Check the grille! That’s gold!!

For real girl… I can get you in the VIP!

I like this picture.

More than that, I really like this girl. She lives in West Palm. A lot of them did. Or at least they were all giving out 561 numbers.