get on up


Today is the day you should add me as a myspace friend!
Or in the very least, leave a comment with your URL and I’ll add you.
And if you don’t already have a profile, CLICK HERE TO GET ONE! You know you’ve been putting it off forever. Now is the time to get with it!
Did you know that I am user # 355700? I’m in the first 1/2 million!! H00RAY! That means I’m usually on peoples’ first page of friends. I am SO cool!

And nothing brightens my day more than seeing things like “Jessica Simpson wants to be your friend!” in my inbox! It’s equally pleasant to come home from work to find nice messages like these: 1, 2. Sign up and see for yourself!

Oh, P.S.: Have you tried It’s a little frivolous, but it’s kind of worth the effort.. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU GET B00BZ ON YOUR FIRST TRY!!