little things

I kind of want to go see that new Superman movie. Who wants to be my date? I promise I won’t try the popcorn trick on you (unless you want me to)!
I am also looking for dates to see Miami Vice, X-Men, and… Some others I forgot. The popcorn trick may or may not be attempted at these showings. I also I am looking for best toys for boys!

I think I am feeling better, but I’m not 100%. My head hurts a little bit. It’s there, but not really anything to bitch about. I have a weird ringing in my ears, or everything kind of sounds tinny. It’s weird and I have no idea why I’ve been feeling off these past few days.

I am on top of things this year! My dad’s gift and card have been purchased from and are ready to be shipped. In fact, Blanca already called Fed-ex for a pickup! My poor mother didn’t get a gift this year (like most years, really) because I couldn’t think of anything good to get her. My dad should be pleasantly surprised.

I had a couple more things to type about, but I forgot what they were.