New Jeers!

Once again, my iMac G5 is dead. =( This is now the 4th time (3rd time since May!). I was laying on the couch today, watching Nebraska lose, and all of a sudden I heard the Mac startup chime. If I wasn’t oh-so-familiar with the situation I might have thought my apartment had a ghost.
The poor machine won’t stay running for any amount of time. It just shuts off with no warning.
There SHOULD be a claim number for this computer on file with Apple stating that I have an 8 month warranty after the last time I got it fixed (in September), but that seems a little moot since Apple seems to have changed their Service Extension Program. It used to say it would cover this issue for 2 years after the original purchase date, but now it says 3 years.
HOWEVER… When I inquired about getting a replacement machine in July, after the thing had died for the 3rd time, they told me it had to be FIXED 3 times before they would replace it.
I am so over this computer. (I mean my iMac, not this $250, 3 year old eMachine running openSUSE 10.2 I am typing this post on. Probably the best $250 I ever spent.)