hallo innernets,
plz 2b my friend f you are using the twitter!
I have just one friend on the twitter and it would be fabulous if you would be my friend on the twitter.
I am still not in the thinking that twitter is awesome, but I am still trying to give it a shot. Maybe it would be more interesting to me if some IRL people were using it and I was their friend.
Otherwise, it seems a little too “HAY LQQK AT ME AND THE TOTALLY AWESUM THINGZ I BE DOING zOMG!!!” for me, if you can believe that since I am pretty much all about the “Hey guys I am awesome and this is why you should think so!”.
Hey, look! I even added a twitter thing to my sidebar. I can’t wait until I have so many things in my sidebar that it makes the innernets assplode. That time should be nearing now.
I also added a Netflix thing a few days ago but I didn’t implement it all that well because I was lazy and over it.