New Found Glory at the Directv Celebrity Beach Bowl!

Yesterday I took a long lunch and walked over to Ocean Drive to see New Found Glory. These are some pictures I took.

This is Access Hollywood’s Maria Menounos. She’s making that face because she’s wondering if what I just told her was a joke or for real.

…and then I showed it to her!

New Found Glory’s frontman, Jordan Pundik!

New Found Glory’s Steve Klein

I am totally forgetting this dude’s name, and I have no idea what he did with Chad Gilbert. Also, I think I failed to get any good pics of Ian or Cyrus. Sorry!

This is a Miami Dolphins cheerleader.

…and this is her walking away. =(

These people are celebrities. How many can you name??

I took 400+ pictures today, but I’m a little too lazy to put them on the net. Plus, as usual, a lot of them were overexposed/blurry. If you REALLY want to see them it is possible that I could be persuaded to put them on the innernets.
In other words, just ask.