Take my money, plz!

So there I am, feeling a need for some fresh gear. But me being me, that means I’m after hoodys, t-shirts and hats from some somewhat obscure companies. My first destination on the web was RathFilms.com. I’ve been stoked on their stuff for the past couple of years, and their hook-ups are always generous. The only problem…? It seems that they have let their domain name lapse, and nobody has logged into their myspace account in months. C’mon, Dana! What’s the deal??
That being out of the way, I decided to see if Jay Quinlan had updated his web site. He hadn’t. I wanted to cry. It’s December, folks… I need my sled fix!! And that’s where things really started going downhill! I clicked on every single one of the links to Jay’s sponsors with the idea of spending some of my money. Here are the results:
•Red Bull – They don’t sell Red Bull branded stuff. The only way you can get Red Bull swag is to be sponsored by them, or be in tight with someone who is, and you steal it from them.
•Ski-doo – I’m after less known stuff, not corporate! Didn’t bother looking, but I expect their designs to be pretty weak.
•SCS Racing – SCS stands for “Sierra Club Sucks”. I can’t say that I fully agree, but I can see where they’re coming from. I would love to rock some SCS gear, but…? THEIR STORE IS B0RKED!!! Palm, meet forehead!
•Blown Concepts – Cool logo, but no gear for sale. I think their site has said “Coming soon” for well over a year now.
•Rath Films – Don’t get me started on them again.
•Ogio – Another company that I’m down with. I’ve bought a few bags from them, but… They don’t have any clothing. They’re a bag company. I guess it makes sense.
•Fox Racing Shox – Ok, they have some stuff that I want, BUT… I have a Rock Shox fork and a Romic shock. That would be kind of like wearing a pair of Nikes with Adidas socks. It’s just not right. But I’ll keep them in mind.
•Arctiva – I live in Florida, so most of their stuff is overkill for me. Their limited casual line is ok, but I can’t order online.
•Compound Films – I was ready to get my credit card out when I saw that they had a functioning store with clothing! But then I noticed that everything was sold out. Real tears started to well up!
•Sly Dog Skis – No clothing.
•Universal Motocross -I’m familiar with Universal, and I would wear their shirts and stuff, but… They only sell their stuff through dealers. The money is in my pocket right now. I don’t want to have to track down a dealer and then get to the store only to find out that they don’t have what I’m after. DIRECT ONLINE SALES, PLEASE!!

God, why is it so hard for me to spend my money? Anyways, continuing on…
•Grenade Gloves -OH. FUCK. YES! FINALLY, someone ready to take my money!! So, I’ve been down with Danny Kass for about a million years or so. I mean, we’re not tight or anything, but he’s a guy that I feel ok about giving my money to. And, are you kidding me?? $9.25/t shirt?? Jesus, Christ! That’s the type of shit that will make me fall in love with you! Seriously!! $71.50 SPENT! Thank you for taking my money, Danny!

That should have been it, but I ended up heading over to Slednecks.com, and I got a shirt and a hat. It’s my understanding that Jay isn’t down with Slednecks anymore, and they’re not exactly obscure, in the snowmachine world, but… I’m still happy to wear their stuff and watch their videos.
Speaking of videos… Any of the Turnagain Hardcore videos would make an excellent Christmas present, just so you know!