Tonight I updated WordPress and some plugins. Of (fairly uninteresting) note are these two new pages: users and stats. The users page shows how many people are browsing this site in realtime and about the only interesting thing about that is that there were 58 people browsing at the same time on January 6th. I have no idea why. I was in West Palm that day and not even on the innernets. The stats page shows some kind of interesting stats about my blog. I’m just running it in stock form so any spelling/grammar issues should fall on the developer’s shoulders, not mine. As you can see, 2 old posts keep getting tons of comments that I can’t read.
Oh, and speaking of stats…

I came kind of close to getting 2 million page views in 2006.

Here’s a breakdown by month. I expect 2007’s stats to look more like 2005 than 2006. I’m feeling rather over blogging/the innernets. It’s like, the more I realize people are actually reading what I type the less I feel like typing on the innernets.

Beyond all that, my cousin Scott’s wife Lisa had a baby over the weekend. You can read all about it at their blog. Also, my other cousin, Scott’s sister, Tiffany, has her own blog and you should read it too.