Hello internets,
My iMac is still dead but at this point I think it’s mostly my fault that nothing is changing with that. Whenever there are disruptions in the force and especially when I meet resistance in rectifying the disruption, I tend to just ignore the situation all together. That’s the situation right now. My iMac G5 is sitting in its box in my apartment in the exact same place it has been since I got it home from the Apple store last Wednesday. The thing is a headache I’m not ready to deal with. The Apple store people told me they would repair it for free (for the 4th time – 3rd time in something like the last 8 months) but if I want it replaced then I need to email someone at Apple and beg them to authorize a replacement. Sounds simple enough, but I’m just not ready to face their reply that will likely say “LOL P0WNT!!1” or something to that effect. I’ve heard way too many empty promises over this computer to have any faith in this last resort person I’m supposed to email. Actually, I guess the true last resort would be the legendary email address where according to legend, “Steve Jobs’ personal assistant” will get back to me and set my world straight. I’m not sure if I have enough pull to make that happen, but then all I’d have to do is write an amazing blog post about the saga with this ill iMac and get it dugg on I just don’t know if I have all of that in my nature. I’d probably just bend over, take it, and just get the thing fixed for free once again and hope it doesn’t die again.
And that’s the thing that really bothers me the most. I’m really not after a new computer. My iMac G5 does everything I need it to do and keeps me smiling until it dies. All I really want is some faith in my machine. A piece of mind that will allow me to rely on it. I had this iMac G5 for just over 2 months when it died for the first time. That was really disappointing, but I thought all was well when it stayed running for over a year after the initial fix. But since this last rash of breakdowns I am really starting to question the reliability of Apple. If this were my first computer then I might be like “Ok, I guess computers don’t last very long.” I mean, this machine is over 2 years old. But this isn’t my first computer. In fact, I have an Apple Quadra 800 that is around 13 years old and still runs great! And I have my 7.5 year old 350 MHz PowerMac G3 that currently has a 3 week uptime. I’ve never had any problems with either of these computers and I don’t think luck has anything to do with it. Is it unreasonable for me to expect another 5 years of life out of my iMac G5? I don’t think so.
So that’s where things sit with my iMac G5. I need to email this person and hope/pray that they see things from my point of view and authorize the replacement of my computer.