people make my hair hurt

WOW, some people are not so bright!
So I emailed a proof to this woman and then she replied with this:
Hi Christian , looks good lets print 200 and do half with the logo and half no logo.oh I put the pic in the upload

Translated, that means she sent the same images (5, not one “pic”) I used to make the proof to the FTP. I have no idea why.
I sent her an email asking her if these were new images (knowing full well that they weren’t, since they look the same) and she replied:
No the same one I don?t remember if I sent them to you in the up load
Uh… Ok, so how exactly do you think I made the proof if you didn’t send me the pics in the first place?? FOR FORK’S SAKE, PEOPLE? (Apparently I am not allowed to type swear words in my blog. I will be making a post about this at some point.) Try turning your brain on, OK? That’s like… Painting a house, showing it off to the home owner for approval, and then having the home owner dropping off 50 gallons of paint and saying “Ok, guys… Here’s the paint!” It wastes so much of my time trying to figure out what I am supposed to do.
I am having a hard time coming up with something polite to send in a reply to them.
And speaking of reply…
HELLO, It’s REPLY, not “re-apply”! Please don’t say “They’re going to send you an email and then you need to re-apply to them.” LEARN FORKING ENGLISH, YOU STUPID GUAT!
I mean, I am not so much the smrt… Never passed 9th grade english, but I still seem to get by ok.