Best party of the year!!

Hole. Lee. Kwap!! Can I just say, BEST PARTY OF THE YEAR!? I was at it. Tonight! It was awesome!!
So, tonight was the Christmas party, and it was awesome! It wasn’t next level in the sense of bare titties… I mean breasts! being showed… Or privates being showed, in general… But it was very Next Level as far as the people that I got to meet!

Number 1: I was happy that I got to talk with Rick from again! He’s one of my favorites! Aslo, I was stoked that I FINALLY got to meet Alex, too.
Number 2: I got to meet Miami Fever!! I have such a super hard boner for his pictures!! I mean, his pictures make me want to NEVER touch a camera again because I KNOW that I can’t go next level like he does, and it kind of bums me out. But his pictures don’t bum me out at all! They’re all A+++!
Number 3: Actually, number 3 and 4 are a toss-up between Restaurant Gal and Sara from All Purpose Dark. I think RG was a a tiny bit stoked that I was familiar with her blog, but Sara went Next Level by dropping an F-bomb! I love girls that aren’t afraid to tell it how it is. Especially if it includes swearing!!
Number 5: zOMG I MET DAN RENZI FROM MTV’s REAL WORLD!!1!!1oneOneONE ELEVEN11!!! So, we’re going around the room, and everyone is introducing themselves, and this guy that I hadn’t yet seen, but was sitting 4 people down from me, stands up and says “Hello, I’m Dan… I write for the Miami New Times and I apologize for… blah blah blah.” My point being, he didn’t say he was on The Real World, and I was like… “WTF?? This dude looks familiar… HOLY CRAP!!! Is that Dan from the Real World: Miami??” Then I asked a couple of people I was sitting next to if that was the dude, and nobody knew, but then Sara confirmed and I think a little paternal cool whip came out at that moment! Because… Nobody knows what it was like for me to be in college in Walla Walla Washington, watching The Real World: Miami, and thinking about how cool those people were, even if they started out as regular Joe’s, for the most part. I mean, I think (as in, I’m 99/9% SURE) I still have the entire season on VHS!! Seriously, before I came to Miami, everything I knew about Miami came from Miami Vice and The Real World! In fact, if not for The Real World, I maybe never would have came here in the first place! So that was kind of a big deal to me, but I never really talked to him, because I didn’t want to be all… “Remember that time when you said XYZ to Flora?? OMG THAT WAS SO AWESOME!!!” Or whatever. I don’t know… You can say what you will, but it was neat to me!
Other than that, I mostly hung out with my usual crew… Tere, Maria, Yvette, and Scott.

Obviously, Gus and Michelle deserve MAJOR PROPS for organizing this party, and, most of all, footing the bill! I hope it was worth it for them, because it was for sure worth it to me!

Actually, to make it wort it to them, how about checking out Maybe even sign up and post in the forums! I’ve made a whopping 2 posts there myself! I dare you to try to top me!